Congratulations on your new job!

It's great that you've chosen Eneco, step by step providing the world with sustainable energy. Everyone at Eneco is contributing to this goal. We see opportunities, come up with innovative solutions, and embrace challenges with both hands. Welcome aboard.

As a colleague, you can benefit from various arrangements. Below you will find information on each topic. Once you have started, you can also find this and more information on our intranet.

Working at Eneco World

Large, bright, modern, and open. That's the atmosphere of Eneco World. No matter which department you work in, we hope you will feel at home there quickly. A place where you, as a new colleague, will probably spend a lot of time? Our espresso bar. A nice meeting place where baristas prepare the tastiest coffee specialties for you while you get to know your colleagues. We like to contribute to a good work-life balance, for example by jointly setting working hours where possible, limiting overtime as much as possible, and facilitating flexible working. In addition, there are various paid leave options that you can use. With your FlexBudget, you can buy extra vacation days. You can find more information in the HR Handbook on LINK!. On the first working day of every month, we welcome all new colleagues to the office for an onboarding presentation. Watch the video to see how we work safely together at Eneco World.

Collective Labour Agreements and Employment Benefits

Most Eneco colleagues fall under the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) Production and Supply Company. Read more about the employment benefits in the Plb CAO.

Colleagues at Eneco Installation Companies fall under the Collective Labour Agreement Metal and Technology (TI). Read more about the employment benefits in the CAO TI.

Your development at Eneco

The world is changing rapidly and Eneco is fully in transition. We have a good starting position to be successful as an organization in this changing world. To remain a frontrunner in the energy transition, we need to be an agile organization. This requires changes in both organization and culture and behavior. That is why we focus on a culture where employees are agile, continuously want to develop, and have the potential to grow. We have an inclusive approach within Eneco where all talent is appealed to. You are responsible for your own development. 'The Good Conversation' will help you with this. It is a conversation that you have not only with your manager but also with direct colleagues, customers, partners, and colleagues from other teams or departments. A good conversation can be about both performance (WHAT), behavior (HOW), talents and your personal development that contributes to it. On our intranet, you can read more about development opportunities.

Flexible and hybrid working

At Eneco, we want your work to match your private life. That is why we encourage working from home. It gives job satisfaction, makes work more efficient, and reduces absenteeism. Moreover, we contribute to fewer travel movements and reduce CO2 emissions. That is why we have the '40-40-20' principle. You choose whether to work 40% or 60% in the office or at home. However, not every position allows working from home. Think of technicians who go to our customers or colleagues at production sites. Because we work from home a lot, depending on your contract, you will receive an expense or home working allowance. We also facilitate you with an ergonomically responsible home workplace.


Because your needs differ from those of your colleague, you can make choices in your employment conditions with us. We call it a Flex budget. As a concept, it is not unique, but its size is. There will be no disappointment because your budget is insufficient to take that extra week off. Our Flex budget has a substantial size. In the majority of cases, you will receive 22% on top of your gross monthly salary (this includes 8% holiday pay). In certain contract forms, the Flex budget is 14%, but a bonus of 12 - 16% is also part of your contract.

Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) fits perfectly with us. As an employee, you use your own phone for your business work. You give yourself optimal flexibility. And you contribute to our sustainability vision because you don't need an extra device. Of course, you will receive a suitable monthly allowance for this. You can find more information about this in the HR manual.


For most people, pension is not their favorite subject. It is complex and often still far away. But as an employer, we take responsibility. We not only offer employment conditions that suit you now. We also think about the future. When you no longer work for us. We want you to be able to enjoy a good pension then.

  • You build up your pension with the pension fund ABP. We pay about 70% of the pension premium, and you build up the maximum pension allowed by the tax authorities.
  • You build up three types of pensions: the ABP Choice Pension, the ABP Surviving Dependents' Pension, and the ABP Disability Pension.
  • Please note: if you are not married and cohabit (or are going to cohabit), it is important that you register your partner with ABP for the surviving dependents' pension!
  • You can transfer the pension you built up with your previous employer to ABP by requesting a transfer of value.
  • You can always get up-to-date insight into your pension via Mijn ABP after you start working.

What is the Eneco Social Fund?

The Eneco Social Fund is for and by employees employed by Eneco in the Netherlands. Employees who need it can apply for financial support from the Social Fund. This means that money is needed in the cash register to be able to start for real. A monthly (voluntary) contribution by employees is an important first step. In addition, you can also make extra donations. Eneco doubles both the monthly contribution by employees and the extra donations.

Automatic contribution to the Eneco Social Fund

The Eneco Social Fund chooses to automatically have employees employed by Eneco in the Netherlands contribute to the Social Fund. This means that €1 will be deducted from your net salary every month from your date of employment. The reason why Eneco chooses this is twofold. First of all, you have to be a participant in the fund to be able to use it. In addition, the Eneco Social Fund needs structural money to do what it was founded for; helping employees in financial trouble. Everyone can run into this sooner or later.

Unsubscribing from automatic contribution

We certainly don't want to obligate anyone to participate. If you choose not to participate, you will find an opportunity to indicate this after you start working. You can also read more information about the Social Fund at that time.

LINK! en Yammer

Eneco has its own intranet which can be accessed from your Eneco laptop. On the intranet, you can find news and chat with colleagues via Yammer. On Yammer (accessible with an Eneco email address), colleagues bring Eneco's strategy to life by exchanging experiences and ideas.


Sustainability in mobility is something you may have heard before. But how often do employers actually move beyond the conference table? We really do it. Because we believe in it. We offer you a free public transportation pass (OV Vrijkaart), which allows you to not only commute to work without traffic but also travel unlimited for free throughout the Netherlands in your spare time. This way, you contribute to sustainable mobility not only professionally but also personally. And of course, we have a pool of electric cars available for when you have an appointment that is less easily accessible by public transport. Check out the different choices below that best fit your mobility needs:

  • Travel expense allowance: Do you come to work by public transport? Then Eneco provides you with a free 1st or 2nd class public transportation pass. If you travel by your own means of transportation, we reimburse 11 cents per kilometer for employees within CAO Plb and 13 cents per kilometer for employees within CAO Ti since 01-10-2018.
  • Due to Eneco's sustainable nature, a lease car is not included in the employment terms unless stated otherwise in the job vacancy or in your employment conditions discussion.


  • Eneco has collective health insurance with Zilverenkruis Achmea. This means that you get a 5% collective discount on your basic insurance and up to 20% discount on supplementary insurance. In addition, there are extra coverages for employees with supplementary insurances for, among others, physiotherapy, mindfulness, sleeping, nutrition and various health checks.
  • Disability can have major financial consequences. You can therefore insure yourself against the income risks of partial and/or full disability through our insurance with Loyalis. You can sign up and calculate the premium via the Loyalis and NV Schade websites.

You cannot derive any rights from this page. The applicable conditions are stated in the employment proposal or contract.